A good and successful bodybuilder knows that the whole muscle building process boils down to 3 things. Good workout, good diet and a good recovery rest. As we have mentioned in another article, the actual muscle building process occurs during rest and recovery. While working out, you damage your muscle tissue. While resting the damaged muscle tissue recovers and reforms stronger than before expecting the same amount of pressure or more.

You might have noticed most experienced bodybuilders avoid training the same muscle groups two or more days in a row. That is because they know that a muscle to become big and strong it needs to rest. There is also another reason. Working out the same muscle group too much might damage it and it can cost you weeks if not months in workout time.

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How to recover good?

There is a tip that you can use during workout in order to speed up your recovery time later. The tip says you should shake your arms or legs for a while after finishing a set. That you the acid that builds up in your muscles and gives you that burning sensation will disperse and allow you to pull of your next sets and reps much easier. Shaking your arms or legs (depending on what your working out) will also speed up your recovery time during your rest day. There are a few speculations about this method and how effective it is but i feel you won’t lose anything if you make it a habit, even if it doesn’t work.

Another way to speed up recovery after an exploding workout is with a good sleep. It’s proven that during sleep your body and muscles recover much much faster. While sleeping there is pretty much no strain in your muscles. Even sitting in front of the TV or on the PC puts some strain (even tho minimal) on your muscles. That’s why sleeping is your best recovery friend.

Another good way to help your muscles recover is with a good diet and a lot of fibers. Get good light meal after workout that includes chicken meat or an apple or both. Give some food to your muscles and then go get some sleep. In my experience, going to sleep after a light meal after workout is the best way to recover and get ready for the next time you hit the gym.

Another way to recover is with the help of supplements. Crazy Bulk has a few supplements that are pretty good when it comes to reducing recovery time. If you are on a bulking cycle and use Crazy Bulk for muscle gains and performance boost then make sure you have Anadrole included in the bundle since it’s with both bulking and recovery. They also have a few other products which are good with recovery so you might wanna look into that if you plan to include Crazy Bulk in your workout plan.

Workout ethic for easier recovery.

Most of you have probably heard about the “no pain, no gain” style of living. When it comes to working out, that way of doing things might actually do you more harm than good. Do not try to lift an unbelievable amount of weight for you. Have your workout flow like liquid. Gradually increase your weights as you and your muscles grow. Don’t think you can go to the gym, bust one set lifting two times your weight and then go home feeling like you’ve done everything. Instead do your sets with the appropriate for you weight and go harder as you develop.

We have an article about warming up so you might wanna look into that as well. Warming up before workout will not only spare you unwanted injury during workout but it will also prepare your muscles for the beating to come. It’s highly recommended you warm up nicely before you begin your session. Do some stretches and some cardio to get into shape, this way you will not only have a better workout but your body will have a much better time recovering.

We also have an article about stress and how to reduce it. Reducing stress will make your overall life standard much better since stress does not only damage you mentally but physically as well. If you are having stress problems and are looking for ways to you reduce it, then read this.

And last but not least… drink a lot of water.

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